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  • Wednesday June 30 2010


    Rosemary wears Hero silk kaftan in Sandgrouse pink/beige

    Rosemary wears Hero kaftan in Sandgrouse pink/beige

    I have been sailing since 1994, I read a quote which stated" You will be held accountable for all permitted pleasures failed to enjoy". This touched a nerve with me and at 44 I thought it was my turn, I had always received postcards from my father, and Terry my husband, while they were in the Navy and now I wanted to send the postcards not receive them. The children were grown, it was a challenge but I felt very lucky to start to fulfill my dreams of sailing around the world on a fabulous sail boat with my husband as Captain.

    Many women do not get the chance as family commitments always seem to get in the way but not me, holding on by the seat of my pants off I went. We had a couple of tricky experiences before we went to work on an Oyster 70, a beautiful sailing yacht and we had two sets of great owners who made the job fun. We had an amazing, albeit incredibly busy, 8 years sailing around the world.

    Sailing is a bit of a man’s world my advice, first believe in yourself and second, have a trusty bottle of champagne in the fridge ladies and you can do anything; and when things go wrong in the galley open that champagne, drink the lot and problem solved, believe me! You can weather that storm, 70 feet waves, not a problem that roast dinner will still be served. Don’t give up in adversity, that's what my headmistress told me.

    My favourite sailing area is French Polynesia, it’s what dreams are made of, the sea is so blue, the sand so white and the people happy and gracious. As you look to shore you can see why the sailors on the Bounty didn't want to leave this paradise, neither did I. To be able to sail from the Galapagos through the Pacific to Australia was amazing, each island being so different but going by sea you see the terrain exactly how James Cook the explorer would have seen it hundreds of years ago, you even still use the charts he made. We took 10 months to get to Australia, it’s quicker by air but sailing there you see so much and you will never forget the experience. We were rammed by pirates, followed 24 hours by a whale bigger than us who thought our hull was a female whale, a great white shark powered out of the water and took a 42lb Mahi Mahi fish we had just caught and were bringing on board! We saw shrunken heads in Vanuatu and looked out for large cooking pots as we went ashore as cannibalism was only stopped (so they say) there in 1969!

    There are many stories I can tell my grandchildren from my days sailing the oceans. For all you ladies out there, if you have a dream you can fulfill it however old you are. I am an older female, hear me roar!

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Wednesday June 30 2010

    Rosemary Hick

    Hero Kaftan sandgrouse pink/beige

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Sunday June 27 2010

    Samantha wears Tallulah & Hope kaftans, insider guide to best restaurants in Ibiza

    hero silk kaftan sandgrouse pink/beige

    Sam wears Hero kaftan in Sandgrouse pink/beige

    Classic Short kaftan in starlings Hero kaftan in Sandgrouse

    Sam wears Classic Short kaftan in Starlings navy/pink and her sister Lisa wears Hero kaftan in Sandgrouse pink/beige

    Sam has lived in Ibiza for over 10 years T&H asked her to share her top 6 favourite places to eat on the island

    Yemanja at Cala Jondal - my favorite beach restaurant and after you eat, head next door for sunset cocktails at The Blue Marlin
    Clodenis in San Rafel - delicious foie gras and pretty garden
    La Raspa - Marina Botafoch - amazing fish restaurant
    Trattoria Del Mar - Marina Botafoch, Italian
    El Ayoun - San Rafel, Morrocan, really beautiful restaurant with belly dancers, cool bar with DJ so after dinner you don't have to go far to play. It even has a clothes shop.
    Malibu - Ses Salinas is also a good beach restaurant with views of Formenterra

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Sunday June 27 2010

    Carmody Groake and Bistrotheque pop-up restaurant in Stratford

    tallulah & Hope visit bistrotheque pop up restaurant stratford

    Angela Harnett and Pablo Flack on the piano

    tallulah & hope Bistrotheque pop up restaurant stratford

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Sunday June 27 2010

    Samantha and Lisa Garratt

    Sam and Lisa
    Sam wears Classic Short Starlings navy/pink, Lisa wears Hero Sandgrouse pink/beige
    Formentera, Ibiza

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Saturday June 26 2010

    Samantha Garratt

    Classic Short Starlings navy/pink
    Formentera, Ibiza

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Thursday June 24 2010



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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Tuesday June 22 2010



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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Wednesday June 16 2010

    Mia wears Classic Short Kaftan, Port Grimaud French Riviera

    classic short silk kaftan

    Mia wears Classic Short kaftan in Sandgrouse marine black/teal

    Mia works in the wonderful world of modern and vintage furniture at TwentyTwentyOne she recently returned from a holiday in Port Grimaud, South of France.

    T&H: Port Grimaud looks rather special tell us a bit about it
    MT: It's a seaside town on the bay Saint Tropez and was created by architect François Spoerry in the 1960s the village is based around the marshes of the river Giscle so there are lots of waterways like Venice and all the houses are built in a typical French 'Fisherman' Provençal style.It's very beautiful.

    T&H: It's sounds very civilised what did you get up to?
    MT: It was built for boats so its great for sailing and its perfectly located for exploring the countryside, beaches, vineyards and lovely little villages in the area. It's also good for cycling. You can easily visit Saint Tropez which has some great markets and then return to quiet of Port Grimaud.

    T&H: Any particular hotel you would recommend?
    MT: There arent really any hotels as most of the houses are privately owned but you can hire apartments within walking distance of quiet sandy beaches overlooking St Tropez.

    T&H: You look gorgeous in your kaftan did you enjoy wearing it?
    MT: Loved it! i practically lived in my kaftan for the whole trip. A holiday wouldnt be a holiday without a Tallulah & Hope kaftan in my suitcase.

    T&H: Will you be back?
    MT: Yes, the South of France has plenty of unspoiled and quiet areas you just need to know where to find them!

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    Posted by:tallulahhope
  • Wednesday June 16 2010

    Mia Thittichai


    Classic Short kaftan in Sandgrouse marine black / teal
    Port Grimaud, South of France

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    Posted by:tallulahhope

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