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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • Friday December 11 2009


    Tallulah and Hope are featured in Brazilian Vogue

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  • Thursday December 10 2009


    In any creative process there are pivotal moments that enlighten, thrill and inspire. Standing on the prom at Colwyn bay watching the starlings swoop and swarm over the crumbling pier, T&H fully realised their challenge. To create a luxury beachwear collection that looks and feels as beautiful as what they could see happening before them. Those masterful birds swayed and times solid then dissolving like exhaled smoke. We couldn’t tear ourselves away. The sea turned from teal to a marine black. The wet sand glistened as the tide slowly retreated, studded with the shadows of foraging coastal birds.
    Thanks, we thought. You have been most helpful!

    Starlings over Colwyn Bay Pier

    The beautiful British coast and countryside continued to inspire our exclusive Starling and Sandgrouse prints and unique colourways. Two blissful weeks at Devon’s house under Vixen Tor sharing the garden with wild rabbits and a fearless minx; frolicking in the rapid streams that crash around moss covered rocks. The paradoxical delights of dungeoness and the awesome skies at camber sands have all been unforgettable experiences that have shaped and coloured our kaftans, ponchos and pareos.

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    Posted by:tallulahhope

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